The EXIT firm assists UK business owners extract maximum value when selling their businesses.

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How much is my business worth?

We believe that the multiple of earnings method is deeply flawed. Buyers would like to arrive at a figure by multiplying your annual profit with some "industry standard" figure.

We show you better ways ... and how to achieve them´╗┐

How to sell my business?

There are essentially two ways

1. Use a broker, business transfer agent or other intermediary and they'll do most of the work. But this is expensive and, arguably, not as efficient.

2. Handle the sale yourself with support and assistance from relevant experts. You're the most qualified person to sell your business. Buy in and pay for only the expertise you need.

Whichever option you choose, we've got you covered.

How long does it take / what's the cost?

The process can take under two weeks from start to finish ...or over a year! The length of time is closely related to the level of expert advice you have  ...with wording your sale documents, marketing the opportunity and dealing with buyers.

There is no option like our option for speeding up the process while shaving 80% or more off the costs.  Find out more.